Quality Imaging Studies

If you are dealing with certain medical conditions, your doctor may order certain types of scans. These are imaging studies and they are vital to diagnosing your condition. It is important to have these scans done just as they are prescribed.

CT and MRI

Some of the most common scans that are done are the CT and the MRI. The open MRI scanner is perhaps the most popular. It does not use the radiation that a CT scan does. At the same time, one scan may be more appropriate than the other. That is determined by your physician.

open MRI scanner

The MRI and CT both can be useful for soft tissue issues. However, the MRI really stands out as the better choice when it comes to such things. The CT, though it uses radiation, can actually be done with low doses so the risk of radioactive exposure is significantly reduced.

Digital X-Ray

You may also have been prescribed a digital x-ray. This is a bit more complex than a regular x-ray but it is mostly the same thing. Instead of ending up on hard film, the image is recorded on digital media and then interpreted by the radiologist and the physician.

It is a very precise type of imaging study that is carried out with as low of a radiation level as possible and it is usually used for bones and solid tissues. Each type of scan has its own place in terms of diagnosing your conditions.

Getting it Right

Just be sure you go to a good imaging clinic so they will get it right. The experts at the imaging center will be able to provide quality imaging services no matter what your doctor ordered. Count on a treat imaging center to provide you with the full range of services that you require. Go to the specialists.