How do you react when someone tells you to be well?

wellness approach

Generally speaking, in the hurly burly turmoil of everyday life, people still have time to tell the other to have a nice day. That’s nice. It has to be said that, after so many years, this has got be one of the finest traditions. This is how business operates. No matter how tense the moment may have been, the service provider always braces himself to wish his customer to have a nice day now. And no sarcasm was ever intended when the messenger delivered a summons to a distressed receiver.

Have a nice day now as he tips his helmet and wheels off on his way, leaving the other somewhat bereft. You know what they say; don’t shoot the messenger. After all, he is only doing his job and he meant every courtesy. But that is a story for another day. You may have been surprised on some days when someone wished upon you to be well. In today’s heady times, that would have been rather unusual.

Whatever was he trying to get at. Could it be that he had a rather healthy wellness approach in mind? And did you notice that positively healthy glow in her facial expression? Could it be that these folks have done something quite different to look and sound so healthy? And the positive answer to this is; yes, they have. And what would you know. It did not take them much to begin with. There are those who have been practicing healthy habits for so many years already.

These are the folks who hardly ever skipped a day off from work. And if there ever was such a day, it would have to be something quite urgent. And who knows; to help someone else in need perhaps?